16-17 February 2018, Olympia London

Johann Ilgenfritz

Founder & CEO – UK Health Radio Network

UK Health Radio ( & Health Triangle Magazine ( has a very clear purpose and this is to inform and animate people to take responsibility for their own health. This does not mean taking your health into your own hands, but to be part of the process of attaining and/or keeping your health freedom.

We make quality health information accessible to everyone in one central space. BUT NOT ONLY ONE SIDED INFORMATION. UK Health Radio, purposefully does not favour either natural health, nor mainstream health, but features both side by side, with the intention not to provoke but to inform.

UK Health Radio has the most in-depth information on the widest range of health and wellness topics – available anywhere today. All aspects of health and wellness, fitness, diet and nutrition, illness prevention and cure. We have a travel show as we believe regeneration plays a big part in good health, we have a show on dentistry, we even have a pet health show. Our newest show that premiered on the 12 Oct 2016 is all about Ayurveda.

We present our information through 27 presenters, doing 31 shows that air 24/7, with 250 000 and growing, very dedicated listeners. There is a Listen on Demand section (Podcast) where you can catch shows you have missed on the radio, an extensive article section and then the enormously popular digital monthly health & wellness magazine called Health Triangle Magazine that can be found, read and downloaded on the website.

We are also very proud to present our latest development for all UK Health Radio listeners across the world. It is the one stop health solutions area called Wiki Health.
Wiki Health ( is where we shall build a data base for as many options as possible for each health condition. We aim to help you and also need your help in return. At each launch, for each condition, we will start with an array of known solutions and want you to help us improve and complete the directory with solutions that work.

  • The following option headings are featured within and “cautions” mentioned for each, if applicable:
  • Energy – Reiki, Jen Shin Doe, Jen Shin Jitsu, Shamanism, …
  • Essential Oils – Aromatherapy, …
  • Homeopathy – Classic, Combination
  • Herbalism – Ayurvedic, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, …
  • Bio-Chemical – nutrition, supplements, Allopathic Medicine, …
  • Manual – Chinese Acupuncture, Japanese Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Osteopathic, …

Creating a level playing field for all options is a WORLD FIRST and YOU can be a part of developing this resource. We release one page with symptoms and multiple solutions for one condition each week for 200 weeks. So not all conditions will be listed in the beginning but over time they will all be there.