15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

Karen Marshall – Love Coaching You

Karen Marshall will empower you to easily F.I.N.D. and rethink your personal potential, transform your inner happiness, relationship challenges and well-being into a life you truly deserve. Discovering her unique life-changing took kit will impact and accelerate every area of your life.

As an accredited Coach, specialising as a Self-Transformation and Relationship Coach, Health and Well-being Practitioner, experienced in offering you several holistic interventions to align your mind, body and energy will accelerate your emotional, mental and physical well-being.

Fulfil your true potential beyond your expectations. Come and F.I.N.D. out the secrets and unique methodology to greater personal, relationship and professional success:

1. GET BACK YOUR LIFE. Combining her well-being and coaching knowledge and experience, she has created the first UK group coaching, or 1-2-1 VIP program to F.I.N.D. Yourself and Get Back on Track 4 Step Coaching Program to transform the way you think now, into new thoughts, to feel happier, more confident and resilient. Following an easy step-by-step methodology will transform your approach.

2. GET RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS. The F.I.N.D. and Accelerate your Relationship Success 4 Step Coaching Program (also available online) will save you years of wasting your life making the same relationship mistakes or from choosing the wrong partner. Learning Marshall’s, proven tried and tested approach of ‘what does work’ she applied into her own relationship journey, researched and studied over 20 years, will give you all the secrets, techniques and toolkit you need – over just 2 days in her unique Masterclasses.


Karen Marshall is a qualified Life Coach, Relationship Expert and an experienced Health and Well-being Holistic Practitioner, with a toolkit of several treatments she combines with empowering mindset coaching. Having successfully worked with hundreds’ of clients over the last 9 years, her expertise in the MIND, BODY and ENERGY wisdom will accelerate your MINDFULNESS, inner happiness, or relationship to F.I.N.D. and achieve your greatest potential.

1. GET BACK YOUR LIFE. Karen’s personal journey, walking her talk to ‘Think New Thoughts’ started some 30 years ago, when she healed her personal skin condition of 10 years, WITHOUT TAKING MEDICATION, tapping into the power and wisdom of the mind and body for incredible healing results. She overcame depression in her early 20’s with life-changing results, changing her mindset, vitality, and the results she has achieved today.

2. GET RELATIONSHIP SUCCESS. When her significant relationship ended at the age of 33, she was broken. Her pain was her catalyst to motivate her over 7 years of her life to study, research and re-educate herself to apply what she learned about ‘The Relationship Mistakes We Make and Why We Make Them.’ Discovering the secrets and steps to attract and build the most rewarding relationship of her life and what DOES WORK, Karen Marshall is the right qualified expert to accelerate and transform your life and relationship journey into an incredible one.

Walking her talk has completely transformed her inner emotional happiness, health, relationship, career, business and lifestyle! Let her completely transform your inner happiness, relationship and business success too!

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