Kathryn Porritt


Kathryn Porritt

Kathryn Porritt – CEO and Founder, Business Bravery

Kathryn Porritt is the leading Premium and Luxury Offer Business Strategist in the world for personal brands and CEOs transitioning to their legacy business. If entrepreneurs want to know how to create a potent personal brand that sells million-dollar offers to luxury clients, they work with Kathryn to achieve this.

More than a Business Strategist, Kathryn has a background in entrepreneurship herself, having founded and run two multi-million dollar global companies, authored a book with Penguin-Viking and revolutionized luxury branding and marketing for experts, leaders and personal brands with her Intentional Marketing and Hypertargeting processes based on a luxury business model.

Kathryn helps her clients identify their true passion, and then crafts their brand and offers to create a Disruptive Legacy business, and represent them to create massive impact through their speaking, media, networking and publishing opportunities.

Based in Australia where she serves her clients globally, Kathryn is a Mom to two teenagers (Penny and Darcy) and two Labradors (Cybil and Angus), and a wife to her diplomat husband David.


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