Katrin Lacart

Katrin Lacart
Katrin Lacart is a nurse and an entrepreneur from Denmark. A long journey through different professions as an expert in financial services, deputy chief in grocery and today an acute and cardiac nurse gives her a lot of experience on how to help people in different ways. On the TheBestYou Virtual Expo 2021 she will show you some secrets, secrets you didn’t hear about before, about safety when surfing on the internet – such an actual and important theme – look forward to this.
So Katrin will show us a new product which will help you to take care of your health, and even not only yours… also of the people around you and your loved ones. The newest technology 2021, just launched and you will get a very special offer – see you on the TheBestYou Virtual Expo 2021 and become enchanted from Katrin’s always positive mindset.
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