15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

Kristine Moller

Kristine believes everyone has a light within themselves just waiting for permission to shine. The purpose of her work is to help you connect with your own light for you to shine as brightly as you can with clarity and direction. We all have the ability to light up the world and the people around us, thus changing the world into a brighter place.

Kristine didn’t know how to find the light within herself for a long period of her life.

She was overwhelmed by social anxiety and all kinds of beliefs about who she was and what she could do, but more importantly about what she couldn’t do.

This meant she wasn’t living her life with real authenticity and full brightness. It was a life brimmed with dull and darkness that felt like a prison, which significantly reflected towards her attitude in life and living in this self-imposed prison in the form of listlessness and depression. She blamed circumstances and everyone around her for the darkness within her life.

She got to a certain point in her life where she knew things had to change. She lashed out at the people around her and made some big decisions. Decisions which she thought would change how she felt, but didn’t.

All she was left with was the fact that she was fast approaching 40 at lightning speed and the thought of spending the next half of her existence feeling trapped and miserable made her life seem so insignificant.

Kristine desperately wanted things to change and circumstances guided her towards a better, brighter path. A path of self-discovery that changed her life and gave her the tools to uncover and move away from what was stopping her becoming the person she wanted to be.

Through practising NLP, Hypnosis and other tools she discovered that her feelings didn’t have to dictate her life. Once Kristine understood the methods to change her way of thinking, then she was able to move forward. As time passed, she uncovered and eliminated the beliefs that were holding her back and truly found the light within her.

Kristine feels she has lots of catching up to do!

The feeling she gets when the tools she has learnt also help ignite the light in other people and they too begin to truly shine. It’s priceless! With every moment as exciting and life changing for Kristine as it is for everyone.