Pam Sherman

Pam Sherman

Pam Sherman is a wellness specialist. She is the CEO and founder of The Perfect Balance, international motivational speaker, coach and author.

She was involved in fitness/wellness as a group exercise instructor, personal trainer, and running coach and for 20+ years. She is currently on the FitRadio app as a cardio and strength coach, as well as an ambassador for the Lebert Fitness Company and the Abs company where she creates videos and writes articles for them.

Her mission is to help women take better care of themselves and their health. Pam empowers women to lose weight and gain confidence. She wants to help every woman feel GREAT in their own skin!

After getting hit by a car and only having minor injuries, Pam is more passionate than ever about spreading the word of self-care. Her tagline is your health is your greatest wealth.

You can find her on IG @perfectbalanceguru and let her inspire you and help you more smarter not harder on her YouTube Channel- The Perfect Balance.

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