Valentina Garay

Valentina Garay

Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1996. I’ve always had a big love for languages and traveling. Culture as well, the way it shapes people and societies. I also love dancing, and Yoga.

I love personal growth, meditating, and learning about many different things. I enjoy history a lot and believe in fostering strengths rather than weaknesses, knowing my top strengths are being strategic, achiever, disciplined, and a learner.

I founded Design Hacks in 2019, a hub for graphic design and digital marketing assistance for entrepreneurs and anyone who’s passionate about their idea. Offering adaptability, flexibility, support, training, and a co-creating experience, my mission is to beautify the world and help entrepreneurs manifest their ideas, professionalize their projects and beautify their brands through graphic design.

I am a passionate of de-cluttering, time-usage optimization and improving procedures with the aim of gaining back time in your schedule to better balance life areas. Social

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