16-17 February 2018, Olympia London

Zone 1

A Better World

A platform for people, organisations and initiatives who strive, to make the world a better place, through education and the empowerment of others to impact global change and create ever-greater awareness of vital issues.

Day 1

16th February

A Plastic Ocean Documentary – 8 Years, 22 Locations and a Very Steep Learning Curve

Jo Ruxton

  • Talk description
Talk description

Jo Ruxton is one of the producers of the multi-award-winning film, A Plastic Ocean, in her talk she will take us on a journey around the world to look at the global impact that plastic waste is having on the oceans.  We’ll hear about the  perpetual challenges the team faced during filming and how it evolved from its very humble beginnings to a film which has won 10 award and one that has been described by Sir David Attenborough as, ‘The most important film of our time.’


Invoke Your Goddess Within

Smita Joshi

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Talk description

In this workshop, you will explore the value of feminine design, what is a goddess, and how to invoke the sacred feminine within your own self.

The workshop is structured to help you to let go and relax, clear your energy and raise your vibration to invoke your stunning and sensual “Goddess” within. This is the wise and powerful Divine Feminine, an aspect of your higher self with which to connect, tap into its beauty and power and allow it to flow into your self expression.

The accompanying meditation and visual imagery will transport you into a haven of peace, calm and joy, washing away the concerns of your day, to refresh and recharge you with your beautiful essence within.

Day 2

17th February


Blanchy Dodd

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Talk description

The world is in constant change and every day the gap is growing between cultures or ages of people in the World. How can we work together for the same goal? How can we overcome our diversity in thinking, religions, etc?

Yes, we can learn how to clear all our beliefs that are in the foundation of our unconscious mind from our childhood. We are going to learn to accept others the way they are. We cannot change origins from people, we cannot put people on the sidelines only because they are elderly or disabled. We can transform and adapt our culture or our age including to others to be able to work, to live our lives in a total realization of our abilities.

The success in this challenge is accepting diversity, starting ourselves growing our inner beauty within with gratitude, so we can learn and create peace with others around us and in our entire planet.

I will be delivering a talk showing ways to be able to reach Peace and Agreement. I will show how using several Alternative Therapy Medicine, NLP and Human Resource knowledge, can help you reach that peace and balance to be able to have a “Better World” to live.


Living to the Max: The Future of Everyday Psychology

Nikki Collins

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Talk description

We have a choice over what we have for dinner, we can choose what we’re going to wear everyday, most of us can even choose what careers we are going to have, but most of us fail to realise we have a choice over how we feel. In this talk you will learn the secrets of choice.It all comes down to the simple premise of awareness.

Learn the secrets of how to incorporate enjoyment, passion and motivation most of us crave in our day to day lives. As a result of modern living we are finding it more and more difficult to switch of the internal chatter and just really be.

In an increasingly alien and over stimulating world, the human race is more worn out and anxious then ever before. In this talk Nikki guides you through how to maintain overall well being in a world that encourages anything but. Using her studies in psychology, hypnotherapy and neuroscience she takes a combined approach to the treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders and stress and pain management. With its benefits to cognitive functioning and overall well being she developed it into a product for children for mass market; Max Mindpower. In this talk she unpacks the science behind the bear and gives you an insight into the key techniques that make this such a special and effective product.

Nikki’s passion in psychology stems from personal experience. In her teens Nikki was an equestrian professional and travelled, with her horses for competitions, throughout Europe. One night Nikki was involved in a hit and run with a drunk driver and sustained significant and life changing injuries to her neck and head. She was given little to no chance of full recovery, however, thanks to her positive attitude and dedication to attaining the life she once had again, she recovered to the amazement of her medical team.

Once recovered Nikki realized the benefit of what she has learnt and through her experience and that she can make an impact to the lives of many.


Children Matters In Court – 5 Simple Steps

Tea Guttsmann

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Talk description

Tea Guttsmann, Lawyer and NLP Coach, will introduce you to 5 Simple Steps that will prepare you for your child custody court case.

In order to obtain the best possible outcome, you have to be well prepared for your custody hearing. When you understand precisely the why behind what you’re doing—going to court to obtain custody of your child or children–you will be able to get the best possible result for your family.

The 5 Simple Steps presented during this workshop will help you understand why you are going to court in the first place, and then prepare you for process of the court case and life after the custody case.

If you’re recently divorced and have children, or if you’ve been divorced for a while and have not been able to agree with your ex-partner about issues involving your child or children, the court process could be a beneficial opportunity.

That’s right: your custody case can be an opportunity that benefits your entire family, and these 5 Simple Steps will show you how! In the courtroom, will be required to put aside your personal conflict with your former partner in order view the situation from your child’s perspective. That means that the judge, lawyers, jury members and you—in your role of a parent—must examine what is best for your child, and this may be different from what you think is fair between your and your ex-partner.

Knowing these things—why you have entered into a custody case and what is best for your child—before you enter the courtroom, and understanding what you need to do done in court will provide you with the best possibilities for a positive outcome that benefits the entire family.

The last of the 5 Simple Steps involves a discussion about the period after the custody case, and how you all get along. There may be a new family structure with additional children and a new partner. There may be deep feelings of emptiness and separation once the case is no longer a part of your daily life. Suddenly, when all the legal proceedings are over, you have a whole new life to live with much more open space, physically, mentally and emotionally. How do you move from there to here, past to present… and most importantly, how do you move forward?!

Join Tea for an insightful workshop that offers you 5 Simple Steps to make your way through your child custody case and begin your new life with ease and confidence.


Unlock Your Power to Thrive

Smita Joshi

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Talk description

Declutter your mind, shatter your limitations and tap into your true self to unlock your power to thrive and shine.

This workshop is for those of you that have things that you would love to accomplish but something stops you and you can’t put your finger on it.

If you could choose, would you do something else work-wise, or in relationships, but you’re not quite sure what that would be?

Happiness eludes you, perhaps? You feel like you should be happy, and while you’re not miserable, you have a nagging sense that there’s something more … But you don’t know what that is …

In this workshop, Smita will share four powerful techniques that she practices to help you highlight what is getting in the way of you achieving what you want.

In just 45 minutes, you will get a glimpse of how, through using simple yet effective techniques, you can get to the source of your personal power.

Whether you are looking to establish a deeper connection to your innermost being, or get the answer to an important question in your life, or merely to de-stress from your hectic week, this mini workshop will touch and inspire you.

When: Saturday, 17 February 2018 at 3.00PM
Where: A Better World zone

About Smita

Smita has featured in UK’s Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Huffington Post, Spirit & Destiny, Healthy magazine, to name a few. She has been a guest on BBC Radio and Sky channels.

Smita is the award winning author of the Amazon bestseller, Karma & Diamonds trilogy, a journey of Self-discovery across continents and lifetimes. Novels inspired by real events, it’s a gripping story about overcoming life’s toughest challenges powerfully and living a fabulous life while being true to yourself.

Prior to authoring the Karma & Diamonds trilogy, Smita worked internationally with global leaders of industry, selling multi-million dollar contracts. The largest deal she led her team to winning, as part of a consortium, was one billion dollars.

Her business career spanned 25 years working with Technology giants as well as start-ups. She was among the first to bring India’s Information Technology services into the heart of British and European financial institutions and blue-chip corporations.

Smita is an experienced coach and has led life-altering transformation programmes to groups of 300+ people. An accomplished speaker, she has been leading programmes since 1998 and has reached sizeable audiences with inspirational messages.

For her YouTube channel – the Self-Discovery Channel – and as a freelance TV presenter, she has interviewed global gurus, leading politicians and entrepreneurs.She is also a certified yoga teacher.

Come and meet Smita at Stand A34.


Finding Strength in Adversity

Jaclyn Dunne

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Smita has featured in Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sunday Express, Huffington Post, Spirit & Destiny, Healthy magazine, to name a…
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