15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

Zone 4

Health and Lifestyle

Explore what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, learn more about nutrition, balanced eating and care for your physical well-being, discover experts who will share techniques and offer the motivation and support required to live a happy, healthy life.

Day 2

16th February

Claim the Power Of Your Authentic Brilliance- Create Your True Radiance!

Shaelynn, Spiritual Architect

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Yes, you, you shiny star!

Remember what it felt like when you lit up the sky? We all know we are made of stardust. Use that energy to show your true inner radiance.

  • Listening to your authentic voice
  • Reveal your inner self
  • Attract and align your planets


Now, that you know your power, what does your world look like now?

The Secrets to Ageing Youthfully – How to have vitality, joy and good health all your life.

Pam Lob

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Everyone wants to look and feel good and some even want to live for ever! The pharmaceutical and beauty industry spend billions of pounds searching for the elixir of life, but many of their results speed up, not slow down the effects of aging. They may make a difference in the short term but not the long.

Whats frightening is chronic disease and cancer is on the rise and age of onset is declining, along with life expectancy. Even people in their twenties are regularly complaining of exhaustion and very few people can say they are not stressed. Stress is a major contributor to disease and the signs of ageing.

You have a choice. Do you …
A) Want to spend a large portion of your life feeling exhausted, in mental and physical pain, unable to fulfil your dreams?
B) Do you want to feel healthy, joyful and full of vitality, able to do what ever you desire right up until it’s time to move on from this world?

I’m certainly choosing option B though for many years I did experience option A and I have no desire what so ever to return to that way of being.

Over the last 20 years I have been on a quest to improve my health and now feel fitter, healthier and more vital than any other time in my adult life and I want to share with you how I dropped 4 dress sizes and turned my life around. Its probably not in a way that you think! Yes I’ve tried many of the regular ways: eating healthily, exercising, practicing mindfulness and yes they all help. But what I want to share with you in this talk is how 2 little known scientific breakthroughs have transformed my life and the life of many people of all ages around the world. People are constantly commenting on how well I look and marvelling about all the things that I do.

If you want to transform your life or maintain a life that is working well for you right now, come and here me speak on Friday 16th February at 12 noon in Health and Lifestyle at The Best You Expo and discover…

• How to be the BEST YOU that you can be, with good health, feeling vibrant and joyful no matter what you age.
• How you can improve your athletic performance and recovery, or even take up a new sport you never felt fit and able to do.
• How to look and feel younger, or maintain your youth

Discover The Platform For Success

Cindy Galvin

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Cindy will lead you through the five steps of her Platform for Success system that allows you to get success faster and make more money without having to work harder and longer hours. She knows first-hand that it works. Cindy developed the system after a defining moment made her realize she couldn’t continue with the business she was in. She had to leave and make her new venture successful in a short amount of time because she only had so much money to use. With no roadmap to follow, she discovered the steps she needed to get her business launched and creating revenues into six figures within a short time. nt to spend the rest of your working career, then this is a workshop for you. If you have some ideas of wanting to do something different to reignite the passion, drive and creativity you once felt for the position you’re in now, then this talk is for you.
Cindy’s clients tend to be executives who are at a point of wanting something else.

Our Amazing Bodies


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Our bodies are the most amazing creation that we take for granted until something goes wrong. Using inspired poetry for health and well being Francess will help you connect to the miracle of your body which is You. Her poems make conscious the pathways to finding peace and Love for healing pain and attaining to vitality, happiness and Joy for life.
Mindfulness of knowing You is the key to self actualising yourself to love, serve and help others working in accord with your passions, talents and altruistic values.
We all know the need to reduce stress and overcome fears, but do you really know how to make your body ‘zing’ with energy for love of life and well being?
Francess asks the question ‘If God is Love is Love God and what is Love anyway?’
Based on her study of what makes Jesus Christ the greatest healer of all time and how God can fulfil His promise to ‘wipe away every tear and remove pain from man/woman’s for a ‘Healing for All Nations’.  Francess explores what it means physiologically for Love to conquer fear in mind, body and spirit.
Francess explores the hidden healing message of the gemstones cited at Revelation 21 and combines with quantum physics and modern Neuro science to reveal the conscious pattern to overcome stress and fear.  The stones really do ‘shout out ‘ Luke 19:40.
Come along to this insightful performance from her books Parousia:Love’s Light and Parousia: Book of Life  both available on Eschatology section to find out how you can make Love whole in You and how Love really can conquer stress and fear for Twofold Peace and ultimately Heaven on Earth. The crown of stones are for You.

Speakers in this Room

Johann Ilgenfritz
Founder & CEO – UK Health Radio Network
With 35 years studying and working with the healing arts as a Health and Beauty Therapist, Francess identifies emotional links…
Shaelynn, Spiritual Architect
CEO and Founder of Your Healing Matrix
Pam Lob
Pam Lob is a woman who could have given up. Instead, this sassy woman turned her life inside out and…

Cindy Galvin
Confidence. This is a trait people search for without realizing they have the resources to find it within themselves.