15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

Zone 2

Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Experience live talks and demonstrations from leading coaches, authors and teachers specialising in practises to improve mental wellbeing, relationship issues, stress management, emotional resilience, confidence levels, anxiety and depression.

Day 1

15th February

Be the Best Version of you

Dr. Jasmina Paul

Define Your Super-Power – Where it Is, How it Works and What Comes Next

Shaelynn, Spiritual Architect

Talk description

Yes, you have one, and it’s all about energy. This is about you!

Remember what it feels like to be passionate? Go back to a time where you navigated the world from the inside out and not the outside in. Did you lose your Superpower somewhere along the way?

  • Define your Super-Power
  • Begin to claim your Super-Power
  • As an empath and deep feeler learn how to activate your power in the world


Are you ready for what comes next?

Fear of Success 

Mas Sajady

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Mas’ talks are known for their transformative impact on both our conscious and subconscious programming.

In this talk, Mas will help you understand the Fear of Success from an elevated and unprecedented perspective.

  • Why is fear of success holding you back more than fear of failure?
  • What is the True Fear behind your fear of success?
  • How to overcome the fear of self-sabotage.

While instilling the knowledge in the conscious mind, the talk also works at the frequency level to help shift the subconscious programming on fear of success.

Resurrecting Your Life Purpose

Tammy Adams

Talk description

The importance of finding out your life’s purpose is significant to so many people. Even unknowingly, it is the Number 1 desire of us all. Coming out from under the rocks where we most often hide is so important to start the healing process of what we have ignored for most of our lives. In this class, you will learn why it is so important to stop neglecting yourself and settle for being unhappy. You will learn how to break out of the shell and spread your wings to fly. Bring your soul searching to an end and start walking your true path and achieve your life’s purpose.

During this class, we will go through what you need to achieve your life’s purpose.

  • IDENTIFY- Need to identify what’s holding you back and become honest with your true desires.
  • DISCOVERY- Find out what your life purpose is.
  • STRENGTHEN – Building up the strength to take action.
  • ACCEPTANCE- Being completely confident and comfortable with the new you.

Breakthrough Your Greatest Fear and Thrive

James Woodworth

Talk description

It’s often said that we all have certain needs and those needs must be met. Our greatest need, it could be argued is the need for acceptance and our greatest fear is the fear of rejection.  The fear of rejection is, in many respects the by-product of the need for acceptance.  In other words, if we weren’t dependent on the approval of others, if we could live our lives free of the need for acceptance then we wouldn’t fear rejection as much as we do, would we?

In my presentation I will discuss the difference between wants and needs for there is a world of difference between the two. And while it is certainty healthy and beneficial to want recognition, that it’s good to want to be accepted and approved of, these things, it will also be suggested are fundamentally unnecessary for living a full and satisfying life.  All we really need to have true peace of mind is the ability to be approving and accepting of ourselves and to know, at a deep level that we are more than good enough just as we are.

Day 2

16th February

You’re a Work of Art: Know Your Worth and Connect to Your Inner Masterpiece.

Maria-Katharina Richters

Talk description

Having a compass with you to show you what direction to turn in order to get to the desired destination always helps to get you there in the best way possible.

Having the certainty that by following that compass you will reach to your desired destination (within and without) helps you to feel at ease when following its route. On the journey you might encounter some unexpected challenges, but as long as you know where you’re heading and that by following the compass you will definitely get there, you’ll be able to take on the challenges better than if you did not know what was to come on the other side.

If you navigate through your life without any direction, without knowing that there is a way to live life that insures you to be aligned with fulfillment, growth and sustenance, without the knowing of the existence of your inner map, you will run through life aimlessly and most probably end up getting lost somewhere and face deep and dark emotions that will make you feel defeated and attract more of the things you don’t want to happen as life will try to give you situations in order for you to overcome them to grow. Without this understanding about how to live life, you will face challenges where you will end up feeling defeated, as if it doesn’t feel worth it anymore. Every small thing will feel like just another hit in the face as well as feeling like you’re being treated unfairly and will end up hating the world and rejecting every challenge sent to you.

If you know that within the chaos is a perfect order and if you understood the rules of the ‘game’, in this case life, you would see the order within all the chaos and things will start to make sense. This will cause you not to feel so defeated all the time and use your inner compass with certainty that by overcoming and working with it you will reach your desired destination.

What people want from the things and circumstances they desire is not the thing, but the feeling they get and that feeling is happiness, true fulfillment.  The core of every being and why we are here and the purpose of being here is love.  Love is not the romanticized feeling, but rather the source of our existence, without the need for any meaning, it just is and can’t ever be described in words.

Due to the way that us humans are built, with a soul, a consciousness, an ego self, a subconscious and conscious mind, people don’t know what is their truth, their true potential and the power they have over their lives. Finding themselves feeling like a victim of their circumstances and environment, not realizing that what creates the reality is their subconscious mind, vibing a certain way, unconsciously, attracting the things that the subconscious holds of  repressed emotions, unsolved trauma and resulting in silent but dominant belief systems leading to thoughts and behaviour that causes ones circumstance and the reactions to it. Be it stress at work, lack of abundance, lack of health, separation, isolation, not being able to hold a partner, blaming and being angry at everything outside of oneself, feeling anxiety and depression, feeling powerless and doing a job they hate… and most importantly, manifesting everything and everyone around them including and especially the challenges sent to them.

One of the most powerful resources to not be the victim of your life and hold the compass in your hands to gift you with a certainty of direction, is understanding your ego and exposing it. This act of exposing your ego is recognizing it exists, facing your fears and admitting your truth to yourself and therefore to others, facing up to it, accepting yourself exactly the way you are and acknowledging the ego, your shadow sides as if it were a gift and a blessing, which it is.  It is not about good and bad, it is about listening to every part of you and not dismissing, and through that process letting go of it once its been gifted with love.

Facing our ego, understanding and undressing it, understanding its value and its lesson for us within the circumstances that we feel triggered, will free us from any external need to be liked, loved or recognized, because we will have decided to not be the victim of our autopilot system that works on outside and instant gratification.

This is your inner compass, this is your direct path to a life of creativity, abundance and long term fulfillment.

Really truly wanting to understand yourself and taking the responsibility is the only way to be truly happy. That raw self of yours is your inner masterpiece, its unique it’s a real work of art and until you don’t start to acknowledge it and love it,  you will be living only a fraction of what your life could be and a fraction of how free you will feel inside your own skin.

In other words, remaining a passive observer and expecting life to fall on your laps will just dig you a deeper hole for you.

The problem is, the reason we haven’t learned to listen to our own inner compass, our intuition, our inner voice, however you like to refer to it is because we have been told what to do and educated through fear, idol worship and  entitlement, that it has become covered up and hard to reach to your unique inner masterpiece, your soul and your uniqueness and gift you are here to share with in this world and I want to share with you, how to trick your system to unravel the knots that have been created that made the vision unclear for you and align yourself to the certain path of your inner compass to live a meaningful and purposeful life for creativity in everything you do, abundance within and around you on all aspects of life, relationships, work, health and long term fulfillment in all of it!

I’ll see you there!

The Route To Your True Self

Evangelia Zouroudi

Talk description

We follow a ROUTE and the destination is for you to find your true self.
It doesn’t matter where your starting point is. Whether it is your desire for self-knowledge and self-development or that point in your life when you say “Enough is enough… I need something to change, I have to do something for myself, something has to end or begin, I want to feel free, I need to speak up, I want to fulfil my dreams”.
Whatever your “enough is enough” means, in a very short period of time you will be thankful that it came up in your life, no matter how much it may have hurt you or how hard and difficult it has been. This is because your “enough is enough” forced you to make a decision: to find yourself.
One thing is for sure, through the ROUTE you will discover your true self, you will find love, wholeness, joy, abundance, peace with yourself, meaning and purpose, the light of your soul.

We follow the ROUTE together.
It’s not a formula that tells you what to do, neither a manual, nor something unfamiliar or strange to you.
The ROUTE is YOURS. I just go along with you, I am beside you and I help you to stand on nothing else but your own feet.

Along the ROUTE, through interactive speaking and healing meditations, you release yourself from all the emotional blockages, negative programming, restrictive beliefs, fears, attachments, bad habits and physical symptoms.
You manage to discover, accept and love yourself.
This is more than enough to see your life transform into a miracle!

In the 20-minute talk, you will feel the significance of following your ROUTE. You will be presented the main steps and the ways that lead you to reconnect with your True Self.

From Survival to Thrivival

Jane Jackson

Talk description

Warning: You came here to be the BEST you. Jane’s talk is only for you if you MEAN it. AND you are willing to do whatever it takes.

That means facing all your demons and healing your wounds just like Jane has.

But it doesn’t have to be traumatic!

In fact it can be beautiful.

Learn how Jane used Emotional Freedom Technique and other magical tools to heal deep trauma and overcome depression and addictions to come into deep alignment with her soul.

Escaping burnout in the rat race to create a life of freedom, Jane share’s her daily practice of soul alignment with you.

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Warning: You came here to be the BEST you. Jane’s talk is only for you if you MEAN it. AND…