15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

16th February 14:00

5 Flavours of Health

Empowering Women

We need education more than medication
In today’s world there is more suffering related to health problems than ever before. In the 21st century conditions like allergies, asthma, diabetes, heart problems, cancers and many more have become an accepted part of the human condition.
People live longer lives, or I would say they are suffering longer. This is due to advances in medicine and a greater understanding of how to treat people with what would have been critical conditions in the past.
However, I believe that we can prevent many of our health illnesses just by understanding the critical relationship between the food that we eat and our long-term health.
We can’t blame doctors for the current situation; they are not trained this way, and they often treating conditions that could have been prevented in the first place.
The food industry, which is a trillion pounds industry, is paying off scientists, and funding studies to cure the problems that already exist. I admit, I appreciate all the work doctors and scientist do.
My intention, however, is to teach people how we can take the responsibility in our own hands, and change the way we treat food, the way we eat, in order to stay healthier.
In today’s very specialised and computerised world, a simple, common sense approach is not so common.
If we go back even as little as 50 years, most people used to eat only locally produced food, and only food that was in season. The number of people suffering with allergies or asthma and other ailments was minimal.
So what has happened here?
Food industry has developed rapidly. Transport and marketing industries have played their part too.
And as people have grown cash rich, time poor, and society no longer focuses on teaching cooking, the average consumer has lost the real picture of food products, how they are produced, and where they come from. Today in the UK many people do not know which fruits or vegetables grow in which season. Everything is available all year around.
My message to people is very clear:
What is put on our plate is really affecting our lives.
For many years, many of us have been putting the wrong fuel in our body, and that is most probably why we have some health problems today. Without some serious lifestyle changes we are not going to get better.
Foods are the cause of diabetes, allergies, heart problems, cancers,
And if there is a cause – there will be a solution. There is a solution.

The power is not in doctor’s hands.
The power is in your hands, through the choices that you make every day.
Don’t let culture hold your heart hostage.
One of the most important decision everyone makes in their lives is what they are putting in their mouths.
Every food product has its energy and its value to us.

If you are asking me – “I need to make a change but what do I do?”
In the cooking classes that I teach, a big component is to show people how to balance the flavours into our meal, so food not only it tastes great, but is also easily absorbed by our body.
The workshops and my new book are the guides for people to apply my approach and have fun.
Probably 90% of people in Europe don’t know how to eat.
It is not so much about trying to invent new ways of life but rather rediscovering the foods which are around you, in front of you; selecting them sensibly in the right seasons of the year.
However, finding out about balanced and seasonal foods is like finding new way of life for many people..
Their health improves dramatically. This approach is a fantastic way to prevent health problems.
This is a paradigm shift.
For me this is the future of food. The future of eating.
Food is powerful.
What is on your plate?