15-16 February 2019, Olympia London

16th February 15:00

The Courage To Make Money

Passion to Profit

Do you have the skills to make money in ways that are fulfilling, meaningful and lucrative?

Have you ever wanted to make big changes in your life and not quite had the COURAGE?

With so many changes occurring around us today; in technology, globalisation, a changing market place and uncertain job market in the future THE COURAGE TO MAKE MONEY will become an integral part of everyone’s life.

Are you prepared?

About a year ago I set myself the challenge to create a programme for making £100,000 on line from my passion. In my COURAGE TO MAKE MONEY programme I invite you to join me in achieving this for yourselves.

I explain:
·      The systems, techniques and practises to put into place (both on line and in life)

·      The mental challenges you must overcome as your negative subconscious kicks back

·      The emotions you need to learn to listen to as your guide

·      How to strengthen your intuition and come from your centre; how to make your decisions from being in what athletes call The Zone; and how to stay in that miraculous flow of energy when we are connected in this way.

Learn how to keep bringing in the pound’s, shillings and pence and balance the books while following your heart and keeping your own passion alive and nurturing the passion of those people close to you.

Learn new techniques and make the changes you need to while staying grounded, healthy and in a good relationship with all others.

Learn the skills to be balanced and happy

All these are within your grasp – to make your life enjoyable and fulfilling.

Sometimes there seem to be so many other people out there doing what you do it can feel like there is no space for your voice to be heard. Sometimes the financial pressures and responsibilities can seem overwhelming. As you learn to create the power to take ownership of your life you will find that making money doing what you love is something we can all do. And equally, being an employer who provides an environment that supports people’s growth and vitality, helping to increase productivity and profit, is also a skill that can be learnt.

I have had International success as an artist in the music business; run multiple successful businesses; lived and worked on four continents and over the last twenty-five years I have had national success helping thousands of people unlock and develop their creative potential, move through their fears and negative thinking towards self-expression, growth, vitality and more abundance on all levels.

My COURAGE TO MAKE MONEY program shows you, your friends, your family and/or your employees how you too can make more money easily, effortlessly and joyfully by doing what you love, in ways you love, with people who love and respect you, who you love and respect in return.