1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Allison Larsen to Use Soul Intuition to Guide You at the Best You Expo USA


International speaker, author, and tv host Allison Larsen will show you how to use your intuition and your gifts to guide you in your life at The Best You Expo USA.

Her talk, Soul Intuition, will show you how to turn your passion to profit and connect with others of the same mind.

Allison H Larsen is a TV Host on WBTV, Co-Owner of the Influencers Channel on Voice America and Founder of The Speakers Coalition. Recently Allison has been awarded ICON Coach of The Year, Humanitarian of the Year from WIND International Film Festival and Most Influential Person by Les Brown and Roger Salam for her work in the speaker world. Her greatest achievements are her four beautiful children.

Allison was blessed to go from a reach of 2 thousand to 2 million in 2015 after working with mentors who helped her connect with media to magnify her message. Now she is passionate about helping others do the same by connecting hundreds of speakers, authors, and influencers with stages, radio, and tv.

The Best You Expo USA is dedicated to enhancing and improving the lives of visitors through self-improvement. Previous famous speakers include Sharon Lechter, Richard Bandler, Dave Asprey, Paul McKenna and Marie Diamond.

Visitors can catch The Best You Expo US at the Long Beach Convention Center, California, on 24th & 25th March 2018.

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