1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Bulletproof Labs on Board for Best You Expo USA in Long Beach


Bulletproof Labs, part of the renowned Bulletproof Coffee group of companies, will be offering a unique range of services and products at The Best You Expo USA in March 2018.
Over the weekend, you’ll be able to enjoy Cold Therapy facials, a Pulse Therapy / Infrared Light Therapy combo, and Oxygen Flushes for just $50 each.

During the Expo, Bulletproof Labs will be selling their skin-revitalizing LightStim, alongside Lululemon Bulletproof Labs Shirts, True dark glasses, Labs hats and water bottles.

They’ll also offer post-event services at Labs with their unique “4 Bullet” package, reduced from $200 to $150. All services at Labs are paid in their unique “bullets” currency, which each cost $50 dollars. Each service in Labs costs one or two bullets.

Bulletproof is renowned for its innovative approach to enhancing brain and body performance and will make a perfect addition to the many exhibitors and speakers at this life-enhancing event.

Famous speakers at previous The Best You Expo events include Sharon Lechter, Richard Bandler, Dave Asprey, David Meltzer, and Marie Diamond, and many more speakers are scheduled to attend the upcoming Expo.

Visitors can catch Bulletproof Labs at The Best You Expo USA at the Long Beach Convention Center, California, on 24-25 March 2018.

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