The Best You Expo, the world’s largest personal and professional development expo, has been talked about on podcasts and talk shows from coast to coast and online around the globe.

The Best You Expo’s Bernardo Moya, the architect behind the event and author of The Question, whose dream is to help people be the best they can be, to live their best lives, has been interviewed on outlets such as:

The CEO Money Show from WFN1 covered The Best You Expo. Chairman and CEO Michael Yorba sits down with Business Leaders, Industry Titans and Entrepreneurial Influencers to get to the bottom of what makes them (and their business) Tick! Here’s the dialogue he had with Bernardo Moya:

The Frankie Boyer Radio Show Business and Lifestyle

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Late Night Health Radio with Mark Alyn and “The Insane” Darrell Wayne.

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Late Night Health Radio with Mark Alyn and “The Insane” Darrell Wayne. 

Available on Spreaker, Podcast Addict, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Radioactive, Spotify and K-Mine Country Gold 980 AM and 104.3 PM Radio.

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The Kim Pagano Show

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Kimberly Meredith, host of The Healing Trilogy.



The Eden Magazine

Discover the path to peaceful living among other living beings.,

Some of The Best You Expo’s featured speakers including Marisa Peer, Didi Wong and Kimberly Meredith have been interviewed, too:

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Our founder Bernardo Moya will be launching is new one year coaching mentoring programme at The Best You EXPO.

This is an amazing opportunity available to just 100 people this year!!

Get your Licensed Practitioner or Master Practitioner certification from the co-creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler.
This is the highest NLP accreditation in the world


Bernardo Moya, CEO of NLP Life Training, Founder of The Best You and author of “The Question”
is offering an incredible 12 month coaching program to help you fast track your career.
Bernardo has been at the forefront of the personal development industry for the past 11 years.
Promoting Paul McKenna and Dr. Richard Bandler as well as over 700 speakers at The Best You

He knows what it takes to be successful and he wants to share this knowledge and
expertise with you.
As a member of the Rise To The Top program you will receive monthly online LIVE training with Bernardo.

This training will not only give you the skills and resources you need but you will also be working on your inner game.

Some of the areas that will be covered are:
Creating a winning mindset
Effective goal setting/getting clarity on your vision
Confidence & Resilience
Building your brand
Writing a book & getting published
Public speaking/selling from stage
Running successful events

More to be announced at The Best You EXPO

For 2020 The Best You and Bernardo Moya founder of The Best You are launching some new videos to share the vision, the mission and the dream of The Best You.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, speaking, exhibiting or being mentored by Bernardo contact us! [email protected]

We have helped over 700 speakers expand their reach, make new and meaning connections.

We believe in The Best You- A Better World

Bernardo Moya founder of The Best You launches his new mentorship programme for 2020. Bernardo has launched and supported the careers of hundreds of speakers. Bernardo has the expertise and training not only to coach and mentor you but additionally to that to provide you the exposure you need, the platforms, The Best You Magazine, The Best You EXPO, The Best You Online or The Best You Legacy Club.

With a proven track record as an entrepreneur for 30 years and more than 10 years promoting the biggest thinkers on the planet.

More on Bernardo’s mentorship programme or to apply click here


Listen to this great interview with our Founder Bernardo Moya, where he shares his story, reinvention and the vision and mission behind The Best You.

In This Episode:

  • His journey from bankruptcy, NLP to live events
  • Long black hair to gray and non-existent
  • Best Your Expo goes global
  • Do you ever really achieve the best version of you?
  • Three types of people
  • Defining reinvention
  • Tapping in to who you are
  • People believing what’s possible
  • Steve and his brother
  • Did you really interview Oprah?
  • Selfish vs selfless