1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Adelaide Freeman

Born and raised in Nashville, TN, as a middle child I am a natural connector, encourager,
motivator, and people-person.
A passion of mine is motivating our influencers to reach their own individual goals, which in
turn hits and exceeds our client’s goals. Here at Twillo Brand Influencers, we are an influencer
marketing agency that is results oriented, for both our clients and our influencers. When our
influencers win, our clients win, we win.
Always surrounding myself with life coaches and speakers and asking the right questions to
understand their pain points has birthed a whole new division of Twillo Brand Influencers. We
are the perfect match makers matching ecommerce brands and now speakers, life coaches, and
experts to the perfect ambassadors. Our clients walk away with real follower growth, increase in
brand exposure, a complete custom-built marketing funnels, and lift in sales.
As a speaker, life coach, and expert it is crucial you are not the only one from stage promoting
your message and brand. In this day in age, credibility and success is determined by others
stirring up conversations on you, your message, and your brand. Finding the perfect brand
ambassadors to promote your upcoming book launch, event, and/or course is crucial. In my talk,
I will share the secrets to influencer marketing, how to find the perfect influencers to partner
with to build credibility, reach untapped audiences, and spread your message amongst your
target audience. If you are a brand, speaker, coach, author, and/or expert who is struggling to
build your following, generate quality traffic to your website and into your marketing funnel this
talk is for you!

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