Andie Monet
Andie Monet

Angelica “Andie” Monet, is the founder and CEO of Strategic Solutions & Development International Inc (“SSD”).  She developed the “Roadmap for Profitable Growth” course (“RPG System”) for small business plus “LSG Business Model” for business creation, ownership, management and leadership style.

Andie’s “RPG System” helps create a customized roadmap to profitable growth, resulting in business owners having clarity, feeling sure, and being confident about making business and financial decisions effortlessly.  Her system provides businesses with tactical and strategic tools, tips, and resources for short-term solutions and long-term strategies.

Because she started college at 15 years old, her professional career started by 19 years old as the accounting manager for an engineering firm, a senior manager for a Big 5 Accounting firm by 20, and an executive for a telecommunications contractor by 35.

Over the past 30 years, she has worked with foreign governments to solve financial and economic challenges, and has worked with multinational corporations, big companies, and small businesses to overcome their biggest challenges.  Some entities she has helped is Monster Energy, Monster recruiting site, Unites States Department of Defense, and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

While Andie started out with government and corporate entities, her passion is helping small business owners overcome their business challenges, with inspiration, support, mentorship, tools, resources, guidance, and advice.  She feels that the small businesses are the backbone of our economic success and, more importantly, that each of us has something great to offer our communities and, ultimately, our national and global economy.  She thrives to be one person who makes this world, and our communities, a better place for everyone.

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