Angelina Masal Nur Ayo
Angelina Masal Nur Ayo
Born north east part of Turkey right below the Russia. Grow up in Istanbul with a very Conservative restricted family. I had to fight for my rights on my life. For my education to be able to work dress code sexuality everything. And I escape in 1998 to Sydney to seek near life and opportunities for myself. And that’s why myself development journey has started. No I am on number one bestselling author on Amazon. And I just published Turkish version around the world for the Turkish reader. And I’m an intra designer by trade since 2000. I’m a speaker since 2017. And entrepreneur.


Angelina Masal Nur Ayo’s story tells of her battle against her culture, family and traditional religion.
Angelina was born in north-eastern Turkey near the Russian border, but grew up in Istanbul – a city long admired by many, including Napoleon Bonaparte.
Although Istanbul remains one of the world’s great cities and is Turkey’s most popular, advanced, densely-populated and largest metropolis, here women’s social standing has not progressed.
When Angelina was growing up, repression of women limited their opportunities for education, work and travel, and controlled their dress and expression of personal style.
But Angelina fought for her rights.
She fought for her education – studying at two universities at the same time.
She fought for her employment – working in Turkey and then in countries around the world.
She fought for her freedom – travelling within Turkey, then across four continents, through thirty countries, visiting more than fifty cities.
She fought to express her individual style.
The path was difficult.
Angelina’s trust was betrayed and she made costly mistakes.
But the fight of many years brought Angelina much more than the victory of qualifications, jobs, travel experiences and personal expression.
Her persistent courage to stand for her rights and beliefs earned her more than she could have hoped for; Angelina regained the respect and trust of her family who had plotted to kill her.
Angelina escaped to a place far away, a country ‘down under’.
Here Angelina triumphed over a breakdown, to create a powerful breakthrough.
She faced the psychological challenges of trying to understand herself and others, and explored how a person’s childhood affects their present life.
She discovered self-development and her realisations and discoveries started.
Her belief that every bad thing can have a good outcome, was proven.
And she sought – and found – healing.
While Angelina continues to educate herself by undertaking self-development workshops and seminars throughout the world, she is giving back.
From her experience of the struggle between two very different cultures, east and west, Muslim and Christian, black and white, Angelina is contributing to enlightening and healing the global community.
Angelina Masal Nur Ayo is ‘breaking her silence to stop the violence’, in the hope that sharing her story may be the key to some else’s prison.
Her invitation to you is to help her change the world for the better.
“If I can survive and succeed against all the obstacles in my way, anyone can do it. All you need is to believe in yourself and miracles. Because, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.“
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