1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Brad Hart

Brad has worn a lot of hats in his time– entrepreneur, investor, futurist and coach. He’s a life long learner, and loves to help others achieve their highest purpose and create abundance.

Born and raised in NY, he loves to snuggle and is most definitely a dog person.

Brad has learned that opportunity is a constant flow. He seeks to work with people who have long term vision, constantly challenging themselves to grow and never settling for the status quo.

If we can focus on building assets: not just grabbing for the marbles that are already there– but making more marbles– we can create abundance.

Better yet, we can create a world that will allow everyone to not just survive– but truly thrive. Scarcity mindsets and competition have been the law of the land thus far, but we need to continually revisit our economic and social models in order to continue to evolve and reach our potential.

Brad helps those who are already successful to give back, connecting the efforts of those who want to solve big hairy problems, not just throw lazy money at an issue.

Brad speaks and writes about technology and startups that have the potential to not only disrupt industries but create a better world. 3D Printing has been one example. His 2012 article in Forbes on the subject has been read 260,000 times. He is passionate about education and the role of entrepreneurs as agents of change.

“Everyone is a leader, they just might not know it yet.”

Brad’s purpose: to help those who are on this journey to build a tribe, give abundantly where they are strong, attract value where they are weak, and connect to people who can help them achieve anything.

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Projects are constantly evolving. Please reach out with questions or opportunities, or to book Brad for a speaking engagement.



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