Carmelle Jean-Francois

Carmelle Jean-Francois

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Carmelle Jean-Francois is a motivational speaker and the Founder and CEO of cFIT Coaching, LLC.  She is a fitness enthusiast who has built a strong foundation through her certifications as a NASM Personal Trainer, a certified Spinning Instructor, a Medical Exercise Specialist, a Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialist, and a Beachbody Coach promoting popular programs created by celebrity trainers such as Tony Horton and Shaun T.

Prior to becoming a business owner, Carmelle studied martial arts, competed in tournaments, and taught it after achieving her black belt. But then, she remained sedentary for nearly a decade, wanting nothing to do with exercise. It was Carmelle’s involvement in a very serious car accident in which she suffered multiple injuries, including a broken hip and a broken foot that propelled her powerful journey towards becoming a fitness expert.

Carmelle became a member of a local running club and has participated in about two dozen half marathons, three full New York City marathons, and countless numbers of smaller races. But her interests don’t start and end only at the track. She has also competed in a bikini fitness competition and will to do so again as she continues to challenge herself in all areas of fitness including her first love, martial arts.

With her vast knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience in this competitive field, Carmelle has become a leader in creating supportive communities for women with her cFIT Coaching programs, incorporating friendly yet rigorous nutrition and fitness coaching cycles. Clients and participants have enjoyed her strong guidance and fun motivation style, leading individuals and multiple successful groups in reaching their fitness goals.

Carmelle simply wishes to help anyone she can in an area that is her true passion. Her secret in success lies in her ability to hold her clients accountable to their goals. She is making a strong impact on women’s health and continues to do so- one fabulous woman at a time!

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