Chelsea Collie

Chelsea Collie

Chelsea Collie is an Empowerment Specialist, Inspirational Speaker, Real Estate Investor & Author. Chelsea is the Founder & CEO of Spread Love Speak Life whose vision is to elevate the world by the power of love.

Chelsea’s book, Be a Life Breather: Transform your Vision into Reality combines Chelsea’s powerful story, an inspiring message, along with a workbook that will serve as a roadmap for readers to achieve their wildest dreams. Her mission is to empower 10,000 women and moms to Skyrocket to Success by 2030.

Having had a traumatic experience at the age of 16, Chelsea had the option of letting loss and heartbreak rule her destiny or find the power to rise above. She chose to let her experience propel her forward in her mission of helping and inspiring others.

Chelsea currently resides in Austin, Texas with her husband, children and pets. Chelsea’s hobbies include live music, attending personal growth events, and spending time with friends. She and her husband enjoy investing in real estate and renovating properties.

She has become unstoppable and so can you.


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