7TH – 8TH AUGUST 2020

Chido Sibanda

Chido Sibanda is a Mother of 3, Certified Money Mindset Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner, Speaker, Accountant and CEO of Millionaire Woman.
She coaches female entrepreneurs to Up-level themselves and their businesses and scale from 5 Figures to 6 Figures through the power of a Positive Money Mindset. As an NLP Practitioner and Accountant, she loves to combine her love for Money and Mindset to empower women to be FINANCIAL POWERHOUSES.
Through her Signature Coaching Programs, Courses and Events, she empowers and equips female entrepreneurs on;
  • How to develop a POWERFUL Money Mindset and take control of your business finances
  • Get rid of your Money story and Limiting beliefs that are holding you back from getting to your next best level
  • Scale from 5 to 6 figures effortlessly
Chido is passionate about empowering women to make tons of money in their businesses and enjoy doing it!

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