Conni Ponturo

Conni Ponturo

“Living a pain-free, ageless life is only possible when we understand the power of creating a harmonious connection with our mindset, emotions and physical bodies.” – Conni Ponturo

Conni Ponturo is a leading authority in the field of pain-free living, which includes the power of creating a harmonious connection of mindset, emotions and body. Respected for her unique approach to Transformational Movement that merges Pilates, Meditation and Mindset, Conni Ponturo teaches her clients how to flourish at every stage and age of their life.

As an acclaimed and enthusiastic speaker, her greatest joy is sharing her knowledge, actionable practices and creative ways to keep people living pain and injury free. She has spoken on stages in Canada and the United States. To learn more about the ways exercise is vital in the lives of recognized personalities, Conni has spoken on stage with celebrities including Charlie Sheen and Christie Brinkley.

Owner of the highly regarded, Absolute Pilates Upstairs based in Woodland Hills, California, Conni serves as a innovative transformational movement and lifestyle coach. Her most recent book, Falling Into Joy is a joyful and encouraging book that shines light on the real source of joy and ways people can easily gain access to it in every area of their lives.

Her expertise in rehabilitative training makes her highly sought after by the medical community for her ability to create a safe environment for recovery from hip replacements, spinal fusions, knee replacements, and other serious injuries. Conni holds multiple certifications including those from Pilates Method Alliance, Balanced Body, Physical Mind Institute. She is a certified Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist with The Pink Ribbon Program.

Conni Ponturo knows that the answer to pain-free living is within us. She says, “When we truly investigate the connection between our thoughts, beliefs, and lifestyle patterns, we find that we can gain deeper insights into optimizing our freedom to move and live pain-free.”

Conni is a founding member of the ONE MILLION AMAZING WOMEN Global Initiative and is a featured contributor to the DEAR AMAZING DAUGHTER book. She is featured as a co-host of The Marsh Engle Radio Show broadcasting on Voice America. To learn more about Conni Ponturo and her work visit:

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