Crystal Partney

Crystal Partney

Expertise: Healing After Losing Someone to Suicide, Grief, Loss, Bereavement.


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Scattering Hope Signature Subscription Box,

Owl and Thistle Signature Subscription Box,

30 Day journal, a Step By Step Guide 30 Days After Someone Takes Their Life and How to Begin the Healing Process


Meet Crystal M. Partney: Crystal M. Partney is the founder and CEO of Scattering Hope and Owl and Thistle. Both of which are based on the subscription box model. Crystal helps people heal and find hope again after losing someone they love to suicide. After experiencing the loss of her sister Gina, Crystal felt compelled to begin her company, Scattering Hope. Its sister company, Owl and Thistle, focuses on preventing someone from taking their life. Crystal received her Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration from Utah Valley University. She is a wife and mother to her daughter Ava. She enjoys spending time outdoors and creating memories with her family.

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