1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Dania Irshaidat

Dania Irshaidat is a seasoned professional with over 10+ years of rich experience in the field of self-development and psychology, as well as coaching, Dania Irshaidat has numerous certifications to her credit. Her life is a true inspiration for everyone who is looking to rebuild themselves. She strongly propagates the message that everyone must give themselves a second chance to live life again! As the Director of The Best You Legacy Club, she helps people find their purpose while leaving a legacy. She is a proficient bilingual in self-development. Dania so far is the only licensed master practitioner of NLP in training and coaching in Jordan through Richard Bandler. She has worked with over 100+ clients across the globe. In addition, she is on a mission to work with people and begin their transformational process towards success, peace, and contentment. Dania is well diversified in interpersonal skills dealing with different aspects. Provides training and consultancy in Goal Setting & Time Management, Communication Strategies and interpersonal skills, Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence and Social Marketing, Leadership & Influence, Team Building & Teamwork, Coaching & Mentoring, Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Stress Management, Women empowerment, The well-being of the employee, How to have a millionaire mind, NLP Practitioner/Master practitioner, and TOT / NLP.



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