Dariush Soudi

Dariush Soudi

With a revolutionary approach, self-made entrepreneur Dariush helps businesses
and individuals achieve abundance and become more profitable through his own


Born with an innate understanding of growth and development, Dariush aims to
educate his audience with the tools to acquire wealth and success in business.
Raised in the UK, Dariush overcame challenges, poverty, setbacks, and a
life-threatening health condition before relocating to the Middle East in 2009 with
under $1,000 in his pocket. Today, he owns and operates a number of successful
businesses under Be Unique Group across Digital Media, Marketing, E-commerce,
Hospitality, Recruitment, and Training, with over 100 employees.
A true success story, Dariush has developed a clear strategy to increase revenue,
profit, and confidence in business. The insights and content he shares online have
led to an impressive organic reach across the Middle East region and in key markets
around the world. His social media platforms and podcasts have quickly generated
an audience of over 400,000 people, with an increasing number of listeners
following his advice every day.
Over the last 35 years, Dariush has generated millions of dollars of profit for his
clients. His purpose is to bring abundance and prosperity to the lives of those he
crosses paths with, through education and motivation. Dariush offers individual
coaching, business analysis and strategy, speaking engagements, and the Millionaire
Gladiator Bootcamp that focuses on effective skill-building exercises.
The driving force behind Be Unique Group, Dariush has proven that his simple
techniques and unique blend of passion, knowledge, and communication work
across a diverse range of industries and can be easily applied to the lives of many,
without having to change who they are.

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