1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Darla R. Williams

Darla Williams realized her dreams and began publishing books for the children in her family. Writing for a newspaper column, Ink With Pizzazz in the Buffalo Press. Then proceeded to begin writing for others as a ghost writer soon submitting a manuscript on a 15 chapter book on overcoming ptsd bringing to print the journey of another personal success over trauma. Through this Darla has discovered her passion to help others find their purpose through coaching in Life skills, Personal Growth and Development, as well as coaching others through the Publishing Process. She has already seen two others through their publishing path by coaching and mentoring as they self published. Darla was there to answer questions, encourage and assist with understanding the process to publication. Teddy Bears Birthday Bash Written By: Courtney Taylor, and Darla also coached: Iris Zenia Solorio through her process to publication of the title recently released: A Love Story, and the three purple hearts. While Darla is still continuing to help others through many resources and training materials found along the way. Including a new Self Love Program to help with understanding that love is an inside job not an external one, true fufillment has to begin with you. This will be a 21 day, 30 day, 45 day or even a 90 day program to assist you in discovering the importance of loving yourself first, so all other parts of your life can find you where you are.



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