Deborah Morehead

Deborah Morehead

Think you’re unahppy and have relationship issues? How about being stood up on your 30th birthday by your drug addicted boyfriend and chasing him down at a local bar. In the past, Deborah settled for SUCKY relationships and feeling miserable. The last straw was when her boyfriend stole the VCR for drug money (the one she had borrowed from her father).

Deborah knew life and relationships didn’t have to be like this. She struggled for years being in relationships the only way she knew how, repeating the same painful patterns. She was determined to figure out this relationship stuff. And she did. Now, Deborah is a highly trained leader, expert therapist and successful teacher with more than 23 years of expertise in the business of helping people.

It doesn’t have to take years for you to go from unhappy to happy, stressed to free or worried to calm . For Deborah it took moving to another state, a master’s degree, a new career as a therapist and some of her own personal therapy to bring a freedom and happiness into her life she never knew was possible.

As a woman of passion and purpose. She knows that people can start living a life of freedom, a life that can be truly abundant and full of joy and happiness. She is living proof herself and now quickly helps people attain their own happiness.

Deborah uses her unique gift of looking right into your heart, knowing you almost better than you know yourself, recognizing your core needs and then helping you transform yourself and increase your happiness so that you can live a life you truly desire.

As Vice President of one of LA County’s largest non-profit mental health agencies Deborah gained strengths and expertise working with some of the most vulnerable clients in Los Angeles County. For fifteen years she administered various programs working directly with severely mentally ill youth, and their families, who were placed in foster care all while maintaining a thriving private practice as a therapist.

A teacher at heart Deborah has taught Marriage Family Courses at University of Phoenix as well as teaching elementary and middle school. Continuing her love of teaching, she developed and lead diverse workshops and trainings for clients and company staff. She has presented at national conferences and participated in and co-chaired countywide committees to improve county practices.

Deborah is a #1 best selling author of Conscious Love: Enlightened Relationships and Soulful Sex. She has been interviewed numerous times regarding her happy relationship knowledge. She has appeared on local NBC, CBS and Fox stations.

Hopefully you weren’t chasing someone down on your 30th birthday but whatever sabotaging and painful relationships you find yourself in – YOU DON’T HAVE TO STAY THERE! You don’t have to be unhappy, stressed and struggling. You have the power to change your life! Join Deborah to find Your True Happiness!

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