Desiree Booker

Desiree Booker

Desiree Booker is the CEO and Principal Consultant of ColorVizion Lab LLC, a consulting firm providing diversity recruitment solutions to companies and career coaching for people of color. Noting the extreme lack of diversity in executive roles across industries, Desiree has dedicated much of her career to preparing multicultural leaders for career advancement opportunities.

Born and raised in West Philadelphia and now residing in Atlanta, Desiree graduated Cum Laude from Spelman College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. Since then, Desiree has developed a strong background in corporate communications, recruiting, and diversity in the workplace, and puts her skills to use to develop inclusive workplace cultures.

Prior to assuming her role as CEO and Principal Consultant, Desiree worked with global brands such as NBCUniversal, MSNBC, Nickelodeon, WarnerMedia, and Gartner. She created and launched Turner Real Talk, a national educational platform that positioned WarnerMedia (formerly Turner Broadcasting) as a diverse employer of choice and engaged more than 500 Black, Latino, and LGBTQ students nationwide.

Desiree also developed the Career Reset Course, an online course and members-only community that has helped over 200 black professionals earn a higher job title and salary in their careers. Knowing that executive leadership presence is critical for achieving a C-suite role, Desiree has now shifted her focus to grooming individual contributors into enterprise leaders by providing coaching, development, and mentorship that can not only change the lives of her clients, but also enrich the community at large.

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