Dr. Moshe Lewis


Dr. Moshe Lewis
Dr. Moshe Lewis, current host of Daily Dose with Dr. Moshe, has been moderating community forums around the country with key thought leaders and national experts to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 and Health Care Disparities.
His media savvy methods have landed him on ABC, USA Today, CBS, NBC, KISS FM as well as Huffington Post, Essence, and the like. Previously he worked as a Co-host with Mark Alyn on “Late Night Health” and Co-Authored a book called Understanding Pain: A Guide for Caregivers and Patients.

An innovative medical specialist, Dr. Lewis currently provides Rehabilitation consults to patients all around the world who currently have no access to doctors. He did his pre-medical training at Cornell University and completed a Masters in Public Health at NYU.

Dr. Lewis completed Medical Schooll at the Mount Sinai School of  Medicine and his training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Tufts University. He currently serves as the CEO of the Golden Gate Institute of Integrative Medicine where he combines the best of the East and the West with a goal to get the patients that he sees every day better. 
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