Dr. Tharshini Nirmalarajah

Dr. Tharshini Nirmalarajah
Dr Tharshini is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor, a Global Energetic Specialist and the founder of the Fertile Seeds of Life. She has been on AwakeTV network in the US and was the host of a 12 part episode series, her show was called The Gift of energetic fertility healing which was live streamed around the world.
Dr Tharshini’s passion and mission is helping couples realise they are more than just their age and lab results when it comes to fertility. She is a nurturing and passionate doctor who has extensive knowledge and 17 yrs experience in the health industry. This gives her a deep understanding of Western Medicine Science and Energy Medicine which she combines together to transform people’s lives.
After her many years in clinical practice and treating thousands of patients internationally, she felt something was missing from the healing journey, from this Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) was born.
This new spiritual technology is strengthening and configuring the true potential of our DNA, awakening the cells of the body and clearing gynaecological issues women are facing today.
Her work is activating womens wombs in a powerful and liberating way, supporting men and sperm quality, clearing ancestral trauma in the blood line and perform psychic surgery on body parts.
Her program awakens your true divine feminine essence. It assist in connecting women back to the heartbeat of the womb, awakening its wisdom and healing capabilities.
Dr Tharshini works with couples who are on the fertility journey to bring their bodies into the highest frequency of love within their reproductive organs. She helps improve the flow of the kundalini energy and reconnect couple’s to deep intimacy, connection and union.
Dr Tharshini has programs for both fertility and the Womb. Her Womb Wisdom and Menstrual Cycle Masterclass program is healing women from all age groups around the world. This 6 week program bridges western medicine, eastern medicine and energy medicine together to educate young girls and women from all cultures.
She is in the process of creating a webinar for young girls 12 years old  up that explores period cycles, what it means, how it connects to the moon and seasons and how we can use our superpower as girls. This webinar will connect mother and daughter as she journeys into womanhood.
Her passion is to empower and inspire our young girls of the magical powers of our menstrual blood, so that we can eradicate the shame around periods, and health problems women are facing today.
Dr Tharshini is currently in the process of finishing her first book with HerStory called Awaken and Heal your Womb. Once finished 100% of the profit will be going to young girls in Africa, India, Sri-Lanka to help with sanitary products during menstruation.
Her key areas of focus are:
*Vibrational Sound Therapy
*Relationship Activation
*IVF/IUI Support
*Menstrual Cycle awareness
*Hormonal Imbalance
*Pregnancy Support
*Preconception Care
*Male Fertility /Infertility
*Birth Preparation/ Post Natal Recovery
*Trauma Release/ Past Life Trauma
*Stress and Emotional Support
Dr Tharshini is a Divine channel of love for the creation of a new awakened and healthy generation of children. She is the gift of love to humanity.
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