Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

Eric Johnston

Eric Johnston is a Certified Professional Coach and a person in long term recovery from drugs and alcohol. Eric has spent many years searching for meaning in life, only to find that the meaning is the search. None of us has the “Golden Key”! It’s about enjoying the journey, and that is where the problems start. When we can’t appreciate the trials and tribulations of life, or at least, step up to them, we lose our enthusiasm and our zest for life! Resilience is the determining factor that will either drive us to escape our feelings and emotions, or dig in and confront adversity.

As men, many of us are taught not to show our emotions, be strong and don’t let others see your weakness. That’s BS! It is, however, the tool that most of us use to face challenges in life. The key is to be able to show your emotions in a healthy manner. Eric works with individuals to address unresolved attachment trauma and develop new patterns of behavior through the practice of building new habits. Releasing the old belief systems that have been running our lives and had destructive outcomes is necessary before we can begin to create new beliefs.

Working with Teens