Eric Johnston

Eric Johnston

Eric Johnston is a Certified Professional Coach and Founder of Citizens In Recovery and Inspiro Coaching, LLC. Eric helps people understand the real meaning of trauma and that it’s not just those catastrophic events that we see and read about in the news.

He works with individuals to address and resolve the core, underlying issues that keep them stuck, or constantly repeating the same behaviors. Eric has worked in behavioral health and addiction treatment for the past 10 years where he was the Executive Director of an outpatient, trauma focused treatment center, and was an Advisor & Director of Business Development for a neuroscience technology firm that offered neuropsychological testing solutions for treatment centers internationally. His professional work experience is broad and extensive, including acting in film and television, business operations, sales and marketing, and restaurant management. This is actually a huge part of Eric’s story and one of the critical reasons for why he does what he does.

Eric has over 25 years of recovery from drugs and alcohol and spent many years searching for answers to why he could not create or find “success”.  He went to 12-step meetings and therapy for years; he talked about his “problems” and worked with other people who were struggling, only to find he was making very little progress. Eric started to think that his life was destined for mediocrity, or failure, while other people were experiencing great success and joy.  He went to seminars, retreats and workshops; all yielding brief glimpses of hope and relief, but eventually, life went back to the same old outcomes. Eric finally discovered the root cause of what was holding him back and the pattern that he had created which prevented him from gaining momentum and moving forward.  That was when his purpose in life opened up.

Citizens In Recovery is a result of this journey and Eric is exploding in the world of Wellness and Self-Improvement.  Eric now helps others uncover their own blocks and transform their lives in a way they never thought was possible.  His concept of recovery is not just focused on drugs and alcohol or behavioral health, but on the human condition and the physiological responses we unknowingly create. Most of us are recovering from some kind of event that has occurred in our lives, but we don’t know exactly how to do it. Eric will open your eyes to the true meaning you are making about life, and you will experience a whole new perspective!

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