Gina the Gemologist

Gina the Gemologist

Gina the Gemologist® is a Jewelry Whisperer® Stylist & Appraiser. Gina is the jewelry maven of the Pacific Northwest and loves all things jewelry. Gina is hired by clients to find them the perfect jewelry. Jewelry stores sell jewelry that “they” like, and oftentimes it takes two or three visits to different jewelry stores for couples the store that has their style. Gina has developed a niche service that has never been done before. Gina is NOT paid by jewelry stores so that clients know her number one priority is their best interest. Gina has developed a method that helps consumers make educated, right for them buying decisions that removes buyers’ remorse, uncertainty, and not settling.

Gina also invented in-home Jewelry Box Revivals™ where she helps people that have a lot of jewelry they are not wearing.

After 18 months of this niche service that is consumer-focused, Gina has had the pleasure of serving 87 clients and building a network of incredible referral partners.

Gina began her jewelry career in 2001. Gina quickly learned the emotions that come with selling jewelry and finding the right language to help people find the perfect jewelry to celebrate life’s milestones.

Gina began taking courses at the Gemological Institute of America in 2004, and in 2006 was the number one salesperson in the entire company out of 812 people. Gina is very proud of this achievement, not because of the amount she sold, but because she helped 1100 clients that year find the perfect jewelry. She also had the highest number of shared sales which broke the mold of being able to sell and not be an aggressive salesperson.

Keeping true to her style, Gina had the lowest return rate and high customer retention. Always making sure clients purchase jewelry that they love.

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