Giselle Mascarenhas

Giselle Mascarenhas

Giselle Mascarenhas-Villarreal is a Texas-born and raised business entrepreneur and public relations specialist. Born to Dr. Raul and Irma Mascarenhas, Giselle first showed a spark in PR by creating plays and dance routines as a kid to highlight the talents of her “actors” to later acquire a global education from her travels as an international flight attendant, Spanish interpreter and a seven-year adventure as a night-club owner. This life trajectory honed her skills in the Public Relations arena and helped her focus on what has become her life’s passion; the success of others!

Her resume includes international travel, magazine editor, and business owner, all of which exposed her to the significant relationship between organizations and clients. In 2013, Giselle founded Indigo Public Relations, McAllen, TX-based Public Relations firm that helps clients dig deep and build big! As Owner and CEO, she helps small and big businesses realize their full potential by executing their visions. Indigo Public Relations’ past and current clients include Maison de Papillon, a fashion brand based out of New York City; The Warren Group Architects, an architect group that bridges economic development, investors and design; and Tara Rios Dental Group, a dental group in the Rio Grande Valley. Through this work, Giselle noticed businesses were not using their social media marketing tools to their full potential. Giselle created her new company BOLD Insta-tute, where she provides business owners looking to expand their influence and the visibility of their business with tips and tools they can use to brand themselves in the ever-growing social media world. The evolution of social media and habits in communication created the opportunity for every person with a passion for developing a strong brand without depending on a publicist, a media firm, or an advertising agency. BOLD offers courses, consulting, coaching, and events specializing in building your influence and curating a thriving community on social media.

Giselle’s commitment to her community has placed her in various leadership roles. She currently is in her 4th year as President of FemCity Rio Grande Valley, a women’s empowerment network that inspires women through a spirit of collaboration and positivity. Giselle also serves as a FemCity Global Expert, where she facilitates social media workshops to an international audience of over 30,000 members. Giselle serves as a Board Member of the Better Business Bureau of South Texas, founded in 1912, a private, nonprofit organization whose self-described mission is to focus on advancing marketplace trust and serves as a Board Member for the Mission Chamber of Commerce, thriving with hundreds of members since 1940. Previous organizations and causes include committee members for Collage for the International Museum of Art & Science, Committee Member for MD Anderson Fundraiser, Committee Member of Women of Purpose, Board Member of Organization of Women Executives, and Board Member of the Women’s Business Center.

Her expertise and energy make her a sought-after speaker. Giselle has been a panelist for conferences at South Texas College, Women’s Business Center Cameron County, Organization of Women Executives, Texas Chef Association, and Texas Restaurant Association.

Giselle enjoys traveling the world and partaking in amazing epicurean adventures. She is a mother to two beautiful kids, John Rios Zertuche co-founder of a Global Design Firm, Glitch Labs, and Gianna Gonzalez, a brilliant copywriter, and editor for Bold Instatute. Giselle currently resides in Mission, TX, where she lives with her amazing husband and business partner, Ruben O. Villarreal.

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