Heather Buzzard


Heather Buzzard

First I AM a Spiritual Child of God.

I have 32 years of Spiritual experience working with the Laws of The Universe and Understanding the Laws of the Universe. I AM a published Author of 2 books, I AM a radio show host of five years with BUZZARDSKORNER OF LOVE RADIO. I AM Life Coach Healer of 8 years and I AM a Prayer Warrior. I AM one who has had to overcome a number of challenges in my life in order for me to BE who I AM today!

I have chosen to use my life and life experiences to show people that God is REAL and that the Spiritual Principals do work! I use my past and my present as examples of how to create, manifest, and BE, DO, and Have, whatever you desire!

I have built my life on God! I trust, I believe, and I have faith that the principals of the universe work and I AM here to BE God’s biggest cheerleader to show people that God did it for me, God will do it for you too!!

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