7TH – 8TH AUGUST 2020
BackBending is the limitless pill… without the pill!

Ilana Bisonnette

Ilana Bissonnette is a Master practitioner of BACKBENDING.  She is the Developer of “Ilana’s BACKBENDING Method” as a new Alternative Healing Therapy, Anti-Aging, Extreme Fitness and Enlightenment practice.

“Ilana’s BACKBENDING Method” is a New revolutionary holistic approach that utilizes the best of Spinal bending, Lengthening, Twisting and Aligning combined with Nutrition and Detox to access and activate our bodies innate intelligence to not only accelerate healing, overcome backpain, neck pain, anxiety, depression, but also turn back aging, become physically and mentally younger, smarter, boost happiness biochemistry, develop leadership qualities, step up your fitness game, get your sexy back and live life LIMITLESS!

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