Ing-Marie Birgitta Hallqvist
Ing-Marie Birgitta Hallqvist

Ing-Marie Birgitta Hallqvist was born in Sweden. Now living in Norway.
She graduated in Strategic Market Communication from IHR, Stockholm and held postings in
China and Tunisia for the Foreign Department. For a number of years she was then engaged in International business.
In connection to the birth of her son she got inspired to paint and write – and experienced
a profound Joy in doing so. During the years to follow she also became a Rosen Therapist and Coach. And she realized that she had been coaching all her life without being aware of it.
She has always travelled the world professionally as well as private which has brought her
many beautiful meetings and her coaching skills have come well at hand.
Today she finds it most important that we release ourselves from the fear that is spreading it´s
wings over the world. Let her inspire you to find a better way!

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