Jase Souder

Jase Souder

Jase Souder is a nationally recognized public speaker, best-selling author, and

entertainer, and he’s the Founder of World Class Speaker Academy.

He has presented for small business owners, entrepreneurs and companies in the top

200 worldwide.

He’s been honored to become one of the most sought out speaker coaches in the

nation and it’s been his pleasure to have worked with some of the most influential

leaders in personal and business development.

He’s been published in books with co-authors such as Deepak Chopra, Anthony

Robbins, and Mark Victor Hansen and appeared on national and local TV and radio and

is in the inspirational movies The Power of Coaching and Pass It On where he’s

featured along with Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Boxing

Champion Evander Holyfield, Rudy Ruettiger, Les Brown and many of today’s leaders.

His sole mission and purpose is to help other business owners spread their message,

impact lives, and boost their sales through the power of speaking.

He’s invested his business into finding out exactly what

goes into becoming a world-class speaker – and every experience he’s had was in

pursuit of cracking the code of what makes a truly profitable presentation.

It’s with these experiences that he doesn’t just help people become “good” public

speakers but rather world-class speakers that know how to effectively write and deliver

a presentation to anyone, anywhere, anytime to influence lives, grow their business,

and fulfill their God-given mission.

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