Jennifer Herbst & Daniel Martinez
Jennifer Herbst & Daniel Martinez

Hello, I am Jeni Herbst, mother, daughter, highly motivated, energetic, intuitive individual with an extensive broad financial and real estate background, with value and experiences in corporate banking, lending, in consumer, agricultural and commercial management. Closed over 600 deals in my career and journey. Currently hold a real estate portfolio, am a real estate coach, transaction specialist, pre-foreclosure expert, wholesaler, partner, flipper, property manager and organize & founder of AZ Real Estate Investing Divas.

I enjoy what I do: Being a leader, creative finances, being a team player, collaborating, research, analysis, projects, process improvement, and resolving conflict.

Delivering the best service is my motivation, to serve -provide to all and build lasting relationships. Enriching others, making an impact individually and within the community. Growing others, through wisdom and compassion achieving goals one step at a time making a difference in our community and world. Educating and showing others, it is the action, having a plan and results, getting to point A to point B. Making an impact, showing others it can be possible. Having a purpose in life and making it meaningful.



Hello, I am Daniel Martinez a licensed Realtor with Libertas Realty, Previously, branch manager with
Arizona Brokerage Company, a commercial real estate brokerage, referring hundreds of listings to
agents in Arizona with his proprietary lead generation system. I coach real estate investment strategies
and a neurolinguistic programming coach. I personalize coaching on individual needs, set clear goals and
Principal of Invest In AZ, LLC and Co-owner of Scout Partners Inc. a software company and CRM. I have
coached and trained several successful real estate investors in competitive markets by emphasizing a
spirit of excellence and consistency in performance. Purchasing over 100 houses per year over the last
four years by sharing real estate secrets freely in my teachings. I am a licensed minister with a master’s
degree in Practical Theology, I bring a unique blend of universal principles and intuitive vision to the real
estate profession.
In 2006 Homevestors of America, commonly known as “We Buy Ugly Houses” worked as their
acquisition’s specialist, purchased 45 houses the first year, I than graduated the Sandler’s Sales Institute
my second year, Homevestors Fresh Start Properties was ranked in the top 10% of franchises in the
In 2014 I began marketing on my own in Maricopa County. Building simultaneously in 3 markets, trained
hundreds of acquisitions specialists in Arizona, California, and Nevada, automating the onboarding and
workflow of real estate wholesale production.

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