1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

All sessions by John David Reynolds III


John David Reynolds III

John David Reynolds III, strength coach, speaker and business strategist who provides an aggressive perspective on being successful. He has strived to be a mentor since high school which he won the America’s Promise Award in 2004. He has always encouraged goal setting, creativity and being the inner hero you needed when you were a kid.

In 2018, he was in a car accident that almost cost him his life, his legs and ability to do the things he loved. However a week removed from the ICU he was coaching from a laptop in the recovery ward, he had made up his mind he was going to walk again and he was going to compete in powerlifting again. His system for establishing a mindset for success he has developed for himself as an athlete and that he has applied with his own athletes and high performance business professionals.

Everyone has an inner superhero, but we told it to be a journalist and an observer to our lives instead of defeating our inner super villain. It is time we saved ourselves.



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