Karen Mayo


Karen Mayo

Karen had a dream of making a difference for humanity.

“Doesn’t everyone want to make a difference?” asked Karen Mayo

Karen Mayo, the award-winning international best-selling author, of “Mindful Eating”. Karen has guided
numerous people to losing inches, pounds, and medications through better eating habits. As a natural
whole foods’ chef Karen fulfills her passion of partnering with people who are committed to improving
their health and lifestyle of their families.

Karen has had a widely varied career path working as a bartender, sous chef, server, model, licensed real
estate agent, mortgage and finance professional, motivational speaker, executive recruiter and most
recently beekeeping. Along the way, Karen has always kept her family roots to a healthy way of eating.
Karen’s passion is sharing with others how making small changes in eating every day can make a big
difference in healing their bodies and living a healthier lifestyle.

Karen is board certified Integrative Nutrition health and lifestyle coach, member of American
Association of Drugless Practitioners, certified sports nutritionist along with being certified in fitness and
as a personal trainer. Certified in Brain Health by The Amen Clinics. Certified in Hormone Health & Auto-
Immune Disorders.

Karen leads corporate health and wellness workshops offering group programs and private individual
health and nutrition coaching.

Karen spoke at Columbia University to nurses about nutrition and health care. As a healthy eating
specialist, Karen partners with her local Whole Foods to lead lunch and learn workshops.

Karen has also been on numerous Sirius/XM radio shows, The Dr. Oz show and you will also find her on
the stage of TEDx; her talk entitled “Mindful Eating with Mayo.”

Karen has a private coaching practice specializing ineffective diet, and lifestyle changes to help her
clients lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, and become more confident in all aspects of life in
addition to leading corporate workshops on nutrition and lifestyle for health and vitality.

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