1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Kelly Cardenas

KELLY CARDENAS is a FORBES  contributor, Author, Podcaster, Founder-CEO of a National multi-million dollar Brand, and a Cultural efficiency Coach.

Cardenas is the go to when it comes to constructing a CULTURE that will have sustained success in all aspects of your business. He believes that building an iconic Brand, Business, and Empire is a simple process once we start to focus on what really matters. Cardenas’ system zeros in on the heartbeat of any organization………PEOPLE! Cardenas coaches based off two foundational truths  that his father, he calls “Pops”, raised him on: 1-“First and foremost you build the people and then you allow the people to build the business!” 2-“If you simply want to be GOOD, I AM NOT YOUR GUY! If you want to be GREAT, I AM NOT YOUR GUY! NOW, IF YOU WANT TO BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE AND LIVE OUT YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL, YOU HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT GUY!




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