1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Laarni Mulvey

Laarni Mulvey is a Speaker, Mind Strength Coach, and Powerlifter from Chicago. She is the Founder and CEO of Strong and Mighty, ‘Strong Mind, Able Body’. She uses powerlifting as an analogy to inspire and empower women to harness their power in strength resulting in more confidence, better self-image, and a more positive outlook of themselves. Born in the Philippines, she was a free spirit and climbed banana trees and was a typical kid. Immigrating to the United States when she was 5 years old changed the wild child. She began experiencing restrictions as an Asian girl living in America. Growing up Asian in America, the perception of her life was culturally pre-planned and the restrictions began to control the free spirit. The expectations were to be quiet and subservient, along with being meek and fragile. She was the stereotypical “nerdy Asian,” who did well academically but would get excited when she would do some kind of physical activity. She is a Certified Athletic Trainer where she helps people get back to being physically capable. Laarni’s athletic background includes jiu-jitsu, boxing, obstacle races, weightlifting, and group training sessions. This led her to find a passion for powerlifting. Powerlifting has supported her physical abilities and it has trained her mind muscle to be powerful too. Laarni breaks the mold of the meek and fragile Asian women. She has spoken at multiple women’s empowerment events and continues to inspire women to embrace their strength and become the most powerful version of themselves. Her 9-week course, Tools of Strength, has daily exercises to build inner reflection, understanding of self, which in turn results in positive action to help people and build community.