1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020
Know your WORTH. Embrace your Mess. Live UNLEASHED.

Leigh Koechner

Know and Own your WORTH and watch your Dreams Blossom in brilliant color.

Leigh Koechner is a Podcaster, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Parenting Expert for Deepak Chopra’s Global Wellbeing App Jiyo.Leigh is authentic, vulnerable, and funny as hell. She is a refreshingly unfiltered mother of 5 who learns from her children daily. She is an Executive Producer on The Mindfulness Movement Film with Deepak Chopra, Poonacha Machaiah, Jewel and Rob Beemer.

Leigh guides women and men to Know and Own their WORTH so they may stand in their Power. She creates safe spaces at her Workshops and in her Mastermind Group where members allow themselves to open up and be vulnerable. When Leigh works with her clients they feel her motto “I Got You”.

Leigh’s “I Got You” Movement reminds us that We Are Not Alone, we are all Connected and when we forget this we suffer.

Guests on her messy imperfect life with leigh podcast share something messy from their lives, what they learned from it and how they are using it as a force for good now. You can tune in on any podcast platform. You may also watch it on Youtube.

All of the work that Leigh does is built on the foundation of reminding herself and others, “You Are Not Alone”.

podcast: www.leigh.la/podcast

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