Dr. Leonie H. Mattison, Ed.D., MBA

Trauma Survivor, Author, and Impact Story Teller: Pioneer of the T.H.R.E.A.D Six-Step System©, a personalized system for achieving intentional transformation for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Dr. Leonie H. Mattison, Ed.D., MBA

As an inspiring, compassionate, and values-driven leader, Dr. Leonie H. Mattison has partnered with executives and their teams to capture and live the organizations’ vision to bring focus and clarity to the business strategy. A true collaborator with leadership and the community, Leoni leads organizations to build high-performing teams in a way that is an authentic reflection of the heart of their mission. resulting in increased impact in the marketplace.

Why Attend Leonie’s Workshop?

  • Leonie has a passion for helping others achieve their loftiest goals and dreams. With over 18 years of experience in the talent development industry, she has advised executives and captivated audiences with stimulating strategies and transformational tools that shatter assumptions, redirect negative thinking, and construct new mindsets to achieve intentional transformation.She was awarded the 2018 Pacific Coast Business Times “40 under 40” for one of the best transformation leaders on the Central Coast
  • Through her training and speaking, Leonie has engagedaudiences around the world, from the boardroom of large corporations to training rooms in government, nonprofits, universities, and classrooms in developing countries. She teaches others how to use the tools of intentional transformation so they can handle anything and be more creative, courageous, and confident. Her book, The Thread, is specifically about supporting survivors to become empowered and resilient by healing from trauma.

-How women leaders can become empowered and resilient by healing from trauma

How to turn traumatic experiences into a source of strength

The impact of trauma on one’s personal growth and spiritual development

-Employee engagement and retention for an improved workplace

-Empowering women behind bars and at-risk-youth to achieve intentional transformation

-Building and maintain high-performing teams for impactful results

-Organizational transformation and leadership development


  • Leonie has earned an MBA and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership & Development, certifications in Life Coaching, Black Belt Process Improvement, and Leadership Development. She is currently pursuing a certification in Trauma Recovery. Check out Leonie’s podcast, books, courses, speaking, and services, to start your journey towards intentional transformation.
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