Linda Ho
Linda Ho

Linda Ho (also known as manifestation Queen) is the CEO of Abundant Mindset Ltd., a company she founded in 2018 where she runs successful events, trainings, online group coaching, and one on one sessions, teaching professionals how to master their mind  and release emotional blockages.

She travelled around the world, lived in multiple countries, speaks 3 languages and is fascinated by the power of the body & mind.

Her journey started on her own healing quest and after many years of trial and error she got introduced to ancient and modern tools which led her to heal herself, break old family patterns, which allowed her to attract her dream partner and live her dream life.

Now she uses all of those tools to help her clients all over the world, heal and become free to be who they truly are. Because she believes all you need is to learn to listen to your own inner guru and say YES you can have it all!


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