Loretta A. McDonald


Loretta A. McDonald

Multi-talented Entrepreneur and Influencer, Loretta A. McDonald, has risen to the top of her game by supporting businesses in the fields of health, entertainment, and education to reach their potential and became multi-million dollar establishments. She is not just a mover and a shaker, but a great inspiration to many. When you meet Loretta, you’ll see why she is one of the most sought after Motivational Speakers of the next decade due to her influential personality, dynamic energy, and passionate message that encourages people to be their own “magnet for success”.

Loretta is the best-selling author of “Synergy: A Book of Miracles- How to Find True Happiness Through the Elements of Fitness”, a multi-business owner, magazine contributing writer, public relations and marketing pro, metaphysician, relationship coach, health educator, veteran fitness competitor, and dance choreographer, and has made guest appearances on radio, television, and a host of social media outlets bringing the best in up-to-date information and research on personal and professional development.

For over 20 years, Loretta A. McDonald has created a variety of award-winning classes, workshops, and certifications to embrace the people who want a change in their mind, body, and lifestyle. Loretta’s unique and powerful approach to online training is 100% guaranteed real-time individualized and group interaction in a virtual and/or in-person setting. For upcoming programs and book sales, please email at [email protected], or go to Loretta A. McDonald’s website at www.lorettaamcdonald.com. You can “LIKE”, “FOLLOW”, and “SUBSCRIBE” with Loretta on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lorettaonlivetv, Instagram: www.instgram.com/LorettaOnLive, and YouTube: LorettaOnLiveTV.

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