Maria M Mbanga-Mazvimavi

Maria M Mbanga-Mazvimavi

Women and Girl Child Empowerment Advocate, Community Builder and Leader,

Philanthropist and Motivational Speaker. Founder of Woman and Girls Arise

Zimbabwe, Canada Woman and Girls Arise Foundation, Hope For Her Global and an

upcoming writer.

The Alberta Black Gold Philanthropist of the Year award winner is Zimbabwean

born. A secondary school English Literature teacher and Banker by profession. After

graduation she sought to serve in the most disadvantaged communities in urban

areas. Because of her passion for the Girl Child, she became involved in the Girl

Child Network and was active in the Girl Child Movement and Affirmative

Action Movement in Zimbabwe. She set up girls clubs, empowered young girls

and women and make them believe in their ability and equality with men. She

helped girls keep active and removed them from vices that had swallowed many

brilliant children. A service she still provides today in the different communities

and organizations she continues to work with and volunteer. Maria migrated to

North America 21 years ago to join her family in Dallas Texas USA, and later

moved to Canada. Coming from an Education background with teaching

experience, Maria believes that Education is the door to freedom, offering a

chance to a brighter future “. I am a true disciple of home is best but I believe my

God willing, I am a better citizen alive and tomorrow will be able to help rebuild a

better community for the children who are the future. I have a fairly chequered

life that has been bordering on hope. A hope that has never died, a hope that

never fades, a hope that whilst we are immigrants in foreign lands, will one day

be treated equal and not as second-class citizens so that in turn we enjoy the

dream. Through Woman Arise Organization she hopes to support Education,

literacy development and Economic Sustainancy for women and girls

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