1ST – 7TH AUGUST 2020

Maria Martinez

Maria Martinez Wealth Consciousness and Human Potential Activator, Energy Alchemist and Quantum Energy Master Healer, Clear Divine Chanel, Author, Speaker and Host of “Divine Human and Consciouspreneurs Creating Global Impact podcasts.

Maria helps entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, influencers, leaders step fully into their greatness. She has the keen ability to see, feel, hear, know, what is clearly in their way and how to break through and attract more success, abundance, prosperity, balance, freedom, peace, and fulfillment. Maria can hear their unconscious thoughts, beliefs, fears, pain and unresolved trauma. With your unique blend of abilities and gifts, Maria creates the space for transformation at all levels, dimensions, timelines, and fields of existence. Her clients experience powerful life-changing healing, especially when embracing the inner-child, bringing light to the imposter, victim, ego. Clearing karma, soul contracts, entities, and past lives. Finding peace in letting go and loving forgiveness so that they can access their full potential, manifest unlimited abundance, and live life by design.



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