Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

Maria Tomas-Keegan

After being laid-off and retiring from the corporate world, María reinvented herself. Using her well-honed coaching and mentoring skills, she wanted to share with other women what she learned about life changes, transitions and thriving.

When life suddenly happens to even the strongest among us, it is difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel. She teaches women how to find the light which leads to a remarkable new beginning. It is from that point we begin to thrive.

She believes that it’s every woman’s birthright to honor her values and follow her dreams. When she does that successfully, she can create a world where everyone around her benefits. Each woman’s values, vision, and passion are the foundation for that world. When women are empowered to use their voice and design a strong foundation, everyone wins.

María honors her own core values in everything she does. Integrity, Trust, Family First, Harmony, and Choice are the values she checks in with each time she has a decision to make. It’s an easy “yes” when the decision is in alignment with those values.

As a Certified Career and Life Coach for Women, María created a program called 5 Petals of Power. It is the foundation for her workshops and private career and personal coaching sessions. She is a transition expert, coach, speaker, international podcast producer & host, and best-selling author.